Speculative Research, 2018

The Microbe Exchange Station is a futuristic version of a public work-out-station. Several objects contain humanly parts made out of Agar-plastic which visualise touch-points for specific parts of the body. By getting in contact with them you are forced to bring your body in a healthy position to start the microbial exchange. Inspired by yoga positions, the body can get rid of tension and energise the immune-system by enlarge the microbial diversity with all the bacterias from the people who already visited the station.

In petri-dishes AGAR is used in combination with dextrose to cultivate and research bacteria. Can Agar-plastic be used as a petri-dish transferred in the spatial room? Can a specific design create function with bacteria, so that we can interact with them?

The human body is covered with all kinds of MICROBES, including bacterias, fungi and algae, which have different kinds of function for our body. They exist to protect the skin and work for the human body. Towards our current idea of hygiene and being clean - A high diversity of microbes is important for the physical and psychological health. They strengthen the immune-system and the body‘s defences. New studies found out that a low microbial occurrence is related to diseases like depression and autism. How can we use the Microbes and let them work for us, instead of over cleaning our skin?