Speculative Research, 2018

In petri-dishes AGAR is used in combination with dextrose to cultivate and research bacteria. Can Agar-plastic be used as a petri-dish transferred in the spatial room? Can a specific design create function with bacteria, so that we can interact with them?

Raw Data is a body-creme made out of Agar which intensifies and works like an amplifier for the emotional body odour by supporting the bacteria on the skin and let them grow to make the odour more strong. Moisturised on specific body-parts the creme communicates the authentic mental state of the user in a stronger way to sensitise the social surrounding. Depending on the situation, the natural odour triggers body reactions like adrenaline, focus and empathy to improve a social understanding and better interaction.

The human body creates several sweat-fluids with different functions. Besides the physical cooling-sweat which regulates the bodies temperature, the sympathetic nervous system controls the emotional sweat in exciting situations. So when we are in fear, shame, surprise, stress, pain and happiness, there is a special fluid created by the acrine-sweat glands besides our hair follicles. By getting in contact with the bacterias on our skin, the odour is created.
This sweat is used as a signal to inform our social surrounding about our emotional and mental state: and it can be recognised by other humans olfactory systems. In an unconscious way it is getting involved in decision-making and triggers reaction. This phenomena of the body exists longer then our spoken language. Accelerative processes of visual information exchange and sensual triggers, the focus is detracted from the olfactory sense. Can we revive and develop this primal and instinktiv function of the body as an easy and authentic way to communicate?